Preventive and Predictive Maintenance


To keep the HVAC equipment in commercial facilities working properly and reliably, systems need regular preventive maintenance.

Central Mechanical Construction offers planned commercial HVAC maintenance agreements to help ensure clients’ heating and cooling systems remain operational and help reduce the likelihood of expensive emergency equipment service and repair.

The preventive and predictive maintenance services offered by Central Mechanical are both comprehensive and tailored to individual client needs.

Participating in Central Mechanical’s commercial HVAC maintenance plan offers business owners many benefits:

  • Convenience: As part of a service agreement, clients have immediate access to Central Mechanical’s team of HVAC experts.
  • Limited downtime: When possible, Central Mechanical’s expert providers perform HVAC service during off-hours, ensuring that client businesses run uninterrupted.
  • Lower operating costs: With regular maintenance from Central Mechanical experts, clients ensure that minor problems are dealt with before they become larger problems that require significant expense.
  • Fewer emergency service calls: Clients who engage in a preventive maintenance agreement with Central Mechanical may have reduced their need for emergency service calls by as much as 65%.
  • Stable costs: When clients participate in a commercial HVAC planned service agreement, costs are generally fixed, with few surprises in terms of maintenance and labor costs.
  • Low carbon footprint: When Central Mechanical provides regular commercial maintenance for a client’s building’s systems, clients can limit their building’s contribution to greenhouse gases.
  • Satisfied tenants and employees: Equipment that receives consistent maintenance from Central Mechanical performs better and creates a more comfortable building in which to work or reside.

Central Mechanical offers a full range of customized, planned preventive maintenance services aimed at giving clients bottom-line value.

These services include:

  • Scheduled inspections tailored to individual system and business requirements
  • Testing and timely replacement of all air filters, belts, cleaners, oil filters, and lubricants
  • Up-to-date maintenance records, including combustion efficiency reports, technician recommendations, refrigerant usage, and more
  • Professional engineering assistance
  • Complete and accurate repair quotes
  • Preferred customer service 24/7/365

Research-Backed Service

Preventative service agreements are a wise investment because of the convenience, reliability, and peace of mind they provide.

Research by leading manufacturer’s shows that regular maintenance can reduce overall energy consumption by 25 to 30 percent, lower the chances of unexpected breakdowns by 70 to 75 percent, decrease system downtime by 30 to 35 percent, and diminish the costs of equipment repair and maintenance by up to 20 percent.

Contact Central Mechanical today to see how preventive and predictive maintenance can help.